2 Sep 2013

M.A.C - Campagn 2013


They were part of most glamorous models in fashion history during late 60's and 70's. The belonged to the selects Andy Warhol's friends, celebs and artists, Clubbing At Studio 54 and 21 Club. etc. 

Jerry Hall

In the 70's she left Texas to become a model and was discovering on a  Saint Tropez beach by a Fashion Agent.
Her Trademark: Long blonde hair and height of six feet. She was one of the most visible and photographed models in the industry during that period.

Marisa Berenson 

This American model was granddaughter of the italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. 
' I once was one of the highest paid models in the world", she told The New York Times. 

Pat Cleveland

This New Yorker model was discovering in the subway by Vogue editor Carrie Donovan while in route to classes in 1967.