28 Sep 2013

London Fashion Week - on the street

 Colourful guests

and more Colourful garments.

Raining - fashion Week en Somerset House

And more rain

25 Sep 2013

Antonio Lopez Exhibition

Mayfair celebrates 70 years of Antonio Lopez.

Antonio L√≥pez  (1943-1987) was one of the important fashion illustrators of the last century whose works dominated magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle and interview throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's.
Born in Puerto Rico, Antonio moved to New York city with his family when he was 7 years old. He dropped out of the fashion institute of technology to pursue a position at Women's daily and later moved on to the New York Times.
His studio in New York, where he created works under the moniker Antonio with his partner Juan Ramos was a creative and eccentric meeting place for the glamorous group of  friends surrounding him such as Andy Warhol, grace Jones, Bill Cunningham, Jerry Hall, Jessica Lange and Karl Lagerfeld.

Till October 20th, East of Mayfair will be hosting a special seiling exhibiton of works by this legendary fashion illustrator at the Roland Mouret concept store house at 8 Carlos Place, London W1.

Bill Blass For American Vogue 1983

Valentino For Vanity Fair. 1982

Mademoiselle 1965

Mick Jagger, 1983

More Personals pictures about his life.

His eternal Muse & Friend, Jerry

Jerry, Karl & Antonio

16 Sep 2013

Amy Forever

Yesterday was the last day of one intimate and emotional exhibition about the late singer Amy Winehouse at Camden Town jewish Museum. 

The exhibition mixed different passions in her life: her family, London and Music. 

In the different display you were able to see her evolution about style, trend, and how she become a British Fashion Icon. 

In the  Following display I found clothes and shoes that charaterize the Winehouse style during her profesional career.  Brands like American Appareil Pink sport jacket, Vivianne Westwood dresses, and shoes by YSL, Christian Louboutin, Fendi, etc.

    Dress that she wore at Glastonbury Festival in 2008

In mine opinion, the exhibition was more than just a Fashion fest.

9 Sep 2013

Fashion Rules: last Part

 The 80's 
Model: Princess Diana of Wales

1980's Extravagance and excess!!!!

Britain was invigorated by the computer industry and banking. the YUPPIE (young urban professional) was born into the culture of "more is more".
Women became more relevante in High-powered position and "power dressing", women suits with big shoulders became the rigeur. 
American Soup operas celebs, Like Joan Collins and Linda Evans introduced in fashion big shoulders, big hairstyles sparkling embellished evening wear. 
This style adopted the young princess Diana of Wales in the 80's, earning her the nickname "Dynasty Di".  

On marring Prince Charles in 1981 Diana was thrust into the fashion spotlight, with her every outfit scrutinised the press. And also, she revived the flagging British fashion industry, making designers such as Bruce Oldfield and Catherine Walker.

Dynasty Style

2 Sep 2013

M.A.C - Campagn 2013


They were part of most glamorous models in fashion history during late 60's and 70's. The belonged to the selects Andy Warhol's friends, celebs and artists, Clubbing At Studio 54 and 21 Club. etc. 

Jerry Hall

In the 70's she left Texas to become a model and was discovering on a  Saint Tropez beach by a Fashion Agent.
Her Trademark: Long blonde hair and height of six feet. She was one of the most visible and photographed models in the industry during that period.

Marisa Berenson 

This American model was granddaughter of the italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. 
' I once was one of the highest paid models in the world", she told The New York Times. 

Pat Cleveland

This New Yorker model was discovering in the subway by Vogue editor Carrie Donovan while in route to classes in 1967.