30 Jul 2013

Fashion Rules Exhibition. part 1

Fashion Rules, the new exhibition at Kensington Palace show off the Royal wardrobe of 3 fashionable women in different decades: HRM The Queen in the 50's, Princess Margareth in the 60's & 70's and Princess Diana in the 80's.
This is a brief tour through the history of the royal fashion.

The 50's

HRM The Queen 

The Post-war Britain, bomb damaged cities and rationed luxuries were replaced by renewed optimism, imnovative british design. 
The Coronation of the Queen Elizabeth II were a fantastic plan to broadcast worldwide to millions of viewers through an innovated stuff, "the television", a fashionable young Queen into the throne .

The London couturiers Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies helped to create a fantastic style into the Royal monarchy.

1. Norman Hartnell, Wore opening of the New Zealand Parliament.
2. Hardy Amies, wore a Dinner at the German Ambassy in London
3. Norman Hartnell Dress, wore six week tour of Pakistan & India.

"As a rule, ladies of the royal Family wear light coloured clothes clothes because such colours are more discernible against a great crowd." Norman Hartnell
Dinner gown sink organza Dress by Hardy Amies,
 wore in the Commonwealth visit to Canada

28 Jul 2013

Spring Menwear 2014

This is a short brief of mencolletions in Milan, Paris, London and New York last June.

Floral garment

Dsquare2 / Gucci

Men in Black

Z Zegna / Bottega Veneta

Sport Style

Salvatore Ferragamo / Gucci

Blue runway

Giorgo Armani / Dsquared2


Iceberg / Louis Vuitton

Colorful summer style

Givenchy / Dsquared2

The 50's

Missoni / Michael Kors

21 Jul 2013


This amazing Collecion of Eva Peron, the Argentina First Lady from 1946 until 1952, show her elegant outfit and how she followed the european style in the 40's and 50's.

Dresses fell just above the ankles, some were worn with net petticoats for extra volume.
Suits with fitted jackets. 

Classic accessories

Everyday cotton dresses in different patterns: plain, floral, embroidery. 

Flamboyant hats and headdresses.

This fabulous historical colletion you can find at the Evita Museo. 
Lafinur 2988 - Buenos Aires. Argentina

8 Jul 2013

Fashion in 1667

July Cover Girl:  Frances Teresa Stuart 
                      painted By Sir Peter Lely

Wearing a Gold sink nigntgown by Henry Kirke,
linen smock and pearls sourced from Persian Gulf. 
Hair by Madame Coiffure.

Sp: Luce un vestido de noche en seda de oro por Henry Kirke, Bata de lino y perlas del Golfo Persico. Peinado Por Madame Coiffure.

 Fr: Elle est Vetue une robe en soie doree Par Henry Kirke, Blouse en lin et perles du Golfe Persique.
Cheveux: Madame Coiffure

The ultimate portrait accessory

new ways with pearls

        Eye Vogue


Charles II Party. The king (in the centre) dancing with his sister Mary, Princess of Orange. Only the Royal Family can wear hat into the Party.
Whitehall Palace.

Sp: Fiesta de  Carlos II. El rey (en el centro), bailando con su hermana María, Princesa de Orange. Sólo la familia real puede llevar sombrero puesto dentro de la Fiesta.

painted By Van Dyck.

Family Life

Smart New breeches for kids.

Louis, the grand Dauphin, son of Louis XIV, with his wife, princess Marie of Bavaria and their sons.

 Sp: Luis, el Gran Delfín, hijo de Luis XIV, con su esposa, la princesa Marie de Baviera y sus hijos.

FR: Louis, le Grand Dauphin, fils de Louis XIV, avec son épouse, la princesse Marie de Bavière et de leurs fils.

Ge: Louis, das große Dauphin, Sohn von Louis XIV, mit seiner Frau, Prinzessin Marie von Bayern und ihre Söhne.

New Looks

5 Jul 2013

Mad Men Girl

Descubra a las protagonistas principales de la serie americana fuera de sus personajes de los años 60's y sus estilos.

January Jones

Betty Draper

Discover the main actresses of the American serie Mad Men,  Compare their styles in the 60's and at the tresent.

Christina Hendricks
 Joan Harris

Entdecken Sie die wichtigsten Protagonisten der amerikanischen Serie seiner Figuren aus den 60er Jahren und ihre Stile.

Elizabeth Moss
Peggy Olson

Découvrez les principaux protagonistes de la série américaine de ses personnages au les annes 60 et de leurs styles.

Jessica Pare

Megan Draper

Kiernan Shipka

Sally Draper

Allison Brie 

Trudy Campbell

1 Jul 2013

Blumenfeld Studio

This is a short story about one of the most influencial photographers in America. He was born in Berlin, Germany, but in 1941 he (and his family) escaped for the nazis to New York and there he discovered a successful career.
All these pictures were taken between the 40's and the 60's in his famous studio in 222, Central Park South, New York.

Cover Magazines 

His most famous Vogue cover and his model

Tribute to Blumenfeld by Chanel

Top models / Celebrities / Society ladies in the same focus.

imspiration for another artists

Blumenfeld in Eiffel Tower & Peter Lindbergh in New York

en Francais

C'est une courte histoire sur l'un des photographes les plus influents en Amérique. Il est né à Berlin, en Allemagne, mais en 1941, il (et sa famille) a échappé aux nazis à New York et il a découvert une carrière réussie.

Toutes ces photos ont été fait entre les années 40 et les années 60 dans son célèbre studio  de la Rue  222, Central Park South, a New York.

En Español

Esta es una breve historia sobre uno de los fotógrafos más influyentes en los  Estados Unidos. Nació en Berlín, Alemania, pero en 1941 el  (y su familia) escaparon de los nazis rumbo a Nueva York y allí descubrió una carrera exitosa.

Todas estas fotos fueron tomadas entre los años 40 y los años 60 en su famoso estudio en 222 Central Park South, en Nueva York.