24 Nov 2013

Fashion & Art.

This week I've started a new exhibition and I think it will be the most Successful one of the year. 
Somerset House has opened its doors putting the spotlight on the woman who helped catapult McQueen to international acclaim, Isabella Blow
Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! not only piles of dresses of the fashion editor and stylist, who tragically took her own life in 2007, but also explores her significance on late 20th and early 21st-century fashion through her relationship with the two designers she was closest to: McQueen and Philip Treacy.
This exhibition wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, thanks to Daphne Guinness, who stopped an auction at Christie’s  by buying the collection in its entirety.

In the last decade, Fashion has been an important key in museums and galleries worldwide, so, this is a list of main fashion exhibitions. 

If you have any of these close you, please, try to visit it.!!!!! 

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The little Black Jacket Museo da Cidade, Sao Paulo, Brazil
October 31 - December 1. 2013

Mexico DF

Las apariencias engañan (Apparearances are deceptive) the dresses of Frida Kahlo.Frida Kahlo museo, Mexico City, Mexico

Paris, France

Erwin Blumenfeld (1897-1969) Jeu de Paume, Paris

from 15/10/2013 till 26/01/2014

Bern, Switzerland

Private Marilyn. Spielzeug Welten Museum in Basel, Bern, Switzerland.

open until 6th April 2014.

If you are fan of the most famous Hollywood Icon, it's your opportunity to find this unique exhibition in Switzerland. More than 700 original memorabilia and personals items of Marilyn Monroe will displayed in Bern for the first time.

London, UK

Hello, My name is Paul Smith.  Design Museum, London

Celebrating his career in fashion, Paul Smith exhibition

Bath, UK

Georgian Fashion.  Fashion Museum, Bath, UK

From 25. january 2014 until 1 january 2015.  This exhibition will present a selection of the finest fashions worn of 18th century life.

New York, USA

The Fashion world of Jean Paul Gaultier, Brooklyn Museum, New York

If you lost the oportunity to see this exhibition at the Barbican (like me) and you have plans to go to the Big Apple between october 2013 and and february 2014, it would be fantastic to do it.

Ontario, Canada

David Bowie is   Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada

Florence, IT

The Amazing Shoemaker   Ferragamo Museum, Florence, IT

31 Oct 2013


You must-have it !!!!

In the last days I've seen the famous Givenchy Bambi's print in everywhere, magazines, pictures, campaigns, etc.
I think Givenchy Riccardo Tosci has a knack for creating items that are easily recognizable in fashion. The Lovely Walt Disney Character you will find in the classic Sweatshirt, clutch bags and totes.
even yesterday  I found an ecomical Bambi sweatshirt in Selfridges for just a couple of pounds.
And If you no have idea about it, you have these pictures to discover our dear Bamby.

Givenchy Tote for £ 750.

the famous print at Catwalk

The Givenchy designer Riccardo Tosci and actress Lily Collins. 

Actrees Amanda Seyfried at the fall/winter 2013 campaign

at the catwalk in Paris

British Miss Vogue cover

French magazine Madame Figaro cover - model: Alexa Chung

the cheaply Bambi version at Primark for just £10.

Bambi-Celebrities: Anna Dello Russo, Carine Roitfeld and Lily Collins.

23 Oct 2013

Icon Shoes

Dr. Martens

This history began 2 years ago, when my friend Martin Rey asked me to buy for him a pair of a classic black Dr. Martens Boots. And I said to myself - "Dr. what???"

After that, I noted that everyone wears a pair of these footwears: in Black, Brown, cherry red (my favourite one), floral design, silver, pink, etc. But I took a real interest in DM when we had a Completed class about this brand at London College of Fashion.

This work-shoe, Dr. Martens 1460, was made in 1960 at the R. Griggs shoemakers in Wollaston, Nothhamptonshire. The 1460  was about comfort rather than appearance.
In fact, the working man ( like postmen or policemen) has never before been offered a really comfortable boot, declared an ad for DM in 1960.

It was invented by a German during the Second World War. Dr. Klaus Märtens was convalescing after a skiing accident in 1943 and had the idea of making an air-filled material for soles that would help his painful foot.

Meanwhile in England, the footwear was very succesful of public service uniforms - from Post office and railways workers to London Underground.

But also, it look captured the imagination of of every youth subculture from the 1960's to the 1990's, until the advent of the sneaker as a fashion item.
Dr. Martens were worn ( and customized) by punks, goths, grunpies, hard mods and, most notably, skinheards.

The were worn by The Clash, Slade, Madness and The Who's Pete Townshend.
Football hooligans found the  steel toecaps useful, to extend that during the 1970's police made fans abandon their Dr.Martens outside football ground.
And finally, teenage girls discovered, through DM's, that they did not have to dress 'prettily'.

Urban Style

Nowaways, we can see more models, celebrities, bloggers, fashions designers, etc, wearing DM in different colours, styles, materials, not only in catwalk but also on the streets.

Campagne Grunge Style. 1992

Gwen Stefani

Madonna & Lourdes

18 Oct 2013

Born in the USA

American female models


If we compare american models from the 70's to the present, there were a huge difference.
In the 60's/70's the 70% of the female models were causcasian, like Lisa Taylor, Jerry Hall, Patti Hansen, etc. For decades, All american models described it as the "California Look". Models who had it were tanned, blonde, blue-eyes, "healthy and strong" and nordic features.

Over the past 50 years, the US population has become increasingly diverse.
More race or hair colour, defines the "the All-American" model today, like Black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian and Caucasiann girls.

This is my American Models list.

Dovima 50's


Lauren Hutton 60 / 70's

Beverly Johnson 70's

She made history when she rose to fame as the first black model to appear on the cover of American vogue in August 1974.

Lisa Taylor 70's

Patti Hansen 70's

Christy Turlington 80 / 90 / 2000's

 She was best knowed to represent Calvin klein campaing from 1987 until 2007


Cindy Crawford 80/90's

During the 1980 and 1990's she was among the most popular supermodels.

Kristen McMenamy

Carolyn Murphy 90's - at Present

Tyra Banks 90's 2000's
She became the first african american chosen for the cover of the "victoria's Secret catalog".

Amber Valletta 90's

5 Oct 2013

Paris Fashion Shoes

Paris Fashion Week and the month long circuit of the Spring/summer 2014 womenwear show drew to close with a huge variety of styles, designs and inspirations.
For me it was a bussy month as well and I would like to focus on my favourites designers, but I made up my mind to stylish shoes. 
This is a compilation of the most importants collections in Paris.

Enjoy them!


Christian Dior




jean Paul Gaultier


Isabel Marant

Louis Vuitton

Stella Mccartney

Alexander Mcqueen

Miu miu

Saint Laurent

Viktor & Rolf


Vivianne Westwood