9 Sep 2013

Fashion Rules: last Part

 The 80's 
Model: Princess Diana of Wales

1980's Extravagance and excess!!!!

Britain was invigorated by the computer industry and banking. the YUPPIE (young urban professional) was born into the culture of "more is more".
Women became more relevante in High-powered position and "power dressing", women suits with big shoulders became the rigeur. 
American Soup operas celebs, Like Joan Collins and Linda Evans introduced in fashion big shoulders, big hairstyles sparkling embellished evening wear. 
This style adopted the young princess Diana of Wales in the 80's, earning her the nickname "Dynasty Di".  

On marring Prince Charles in 1981 Diana was thrust into the fashion spotlight, with her every outfit scrutinised the press. And also, she revived the flagging British fashion industry, making designers such as Bruce Oldfield and Catherine Walker.

Dynasty Style