18 Apr 2014

Kelly Bag 1950's: one name, a single desire

The classic Hermès travel bag, known as the sac haut à courroies ( tall bag with straps), fist appeared in 1930. However, it was not until American film star Grace Kelly was photographed carrying black crocodile version of the bag in 1950's that it became known as the "Kelly" bag in her honour, and was a much sought-after accessory.

Each bag is handmade from start to finish over a period of eighteen hours and the task is undertaken by a single craftsperson, whose name is embossed inside the bag, together with the name.

The skins for each bag are selected according to personal requirements and arrive at the atelier in hand-cut pieces. The lining, which is made from goatskin, is constracted first, and the base of the bag is then hand-stitched to the front and the back. Each bag necessitated more than 2,600 stitches, all of which require that the skin is first perforated with an awl, a traditional artisant's tool.

the grain and density of the leather dictate the size of the stitch. The bag is then ironed to get rid of the crinkles in the calfskin, and the final stage is to stamp the "Hermès Paris" name on each bag.

Celebrities with the famous bag

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Victoria Beckhan

Lara Stone

Julia Roberts

8 Apr 2014

The Art of the Aloha Shirt

For some people Hawaiian Shirt is a wearable postcard, for others an expresion of positivity, but for the people of Hawaii they are a point of cultural pride.
Hawaiian shirts have a long history in the 50th State of the U.S.A. There have been numerous stories, fictions abouts the origins of this garment, more popurlly known as the Aloha shirt in Hawaii.

In the 1920's and 1930's immigrants from numerous countries began setting roots in hawaii, seeking prosperity and a new life in what was a plantation town, like bananas and pineapple.
Bright Kimono cloth came from Japan because of the japanese immigration, so, the probable precusor to the modern Hawaiian shirt was the Palaka shirt and the kimono-cloth. The palaka is a short sleeved shirt with bright geometric line patterns that were widely worn by plantation workers. During that time were short-sleeved shirts sewn by japanese housekeepers and made out of leftover kimonos cloth, designed for japanese boys and men.

Many attribute the invention of the Aloha shirt yo Ellery Chun, owner of the Dry Good Store in Honolulu who sold the tropical print fashion in the 1930's. However what we now is that the "Hawaiian Shirt" proliferation.

Local Hawaii residents, and Waikiki beachboys and surfers quicky noticed the shirt them in ever-increasing numbers. Over time, tourists, Hollywood movies stars, and other rich and famous visitors to Hawaii also began noticing the bright, casual, easy to wear styles, and began to bringing styles home to the U.S mainland.

By the 1950's, the Hawaiian shirt had blazed into prominence. In August 1959 Hawaii became the 50th state of the U.S.A, bringing the "new Aloha State" even more attention, and most significantly, even more tourists!!!!

The cover of Life Magazine, in december 10, 1951, featured a beaming U.S President Harry Truman wearing a Hawaiian shirt for a story entitled "The President od the United States, evolution of a Wardrobe".

Hawaiian shirts also began receiving high exposure in Hollywood movies, and a succession of popular Hawaii-based TV-Series through the late 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's.
This a list of some famous celebrities wearing a Hawaiian shirt in the history.

Tony Curtis, one of Hawaii's favourite Kamainas (locals), started wearing the pineapple shirt while filming the classic film "operation Petticoat" in 1959.

Montgomery Clift , Donna Reed and Frank Sinatra in the film "From here to eternity"

The Hawaiian shirt almost instantly became a masculine commodity. Representing a rugged, relaxed masculinity, men from all walks of life, from surfers to traders, began to wear the Aloha shirt.

Elvis Presley: Elvis is in Hawaii filming "Blue Hawaii". then the soundtrack album debuts in Octubre of 1961, it sells so well that it becomes second only GI Bluess as the biggest album of Elvis' career on the Billboard chats.

Aloha Friday Began in 1966 and the concept spread to California and eventually around the world as "dress down" or casual Friday.

Tom Selleck: The actor is best known for his role as investigator Thomas Magnum in the Hawaii-based cop series Magnum P.I. His 80's style included linen suits, Hawaiin or safari shirts, frequently open, and sexy countless Speedo, different caps as accessories with a pair of aviator shade.

Nicolas Cage

Jim Carrey in the film  Ace Ventura

Leo Di Caprio in Romeo & Julie

James Franco

George Clooney wearing Hawaiian look in his Oscar-nominated role in The Descendants.

Bruce Willis in MTV Movies awards

Adam Levine

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