23 Aug 2013

Fashion Rules Exhibition: part 2

The 60's & 70's

Model: Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon

In the 60's British Fashion and Music took the world by storm. 
It was the beginning of "the young culture"which many Teens created news trends, likeMary Quant and the Mini-skirt. 
The famous Carnaby Street & King's Road selling fashion broken the rules, These garments was born on the street and clubs rather than in Couturehouses.
The Fashionable Princess Margaret Secured her position as part of Chic London set and was often seen with music and Film Stars of the time.
"One Hip Chic" was how her Ex-husband described her.

Princess Margaret & The Beatles

Princess Margaret & Rudolf Nureyev

By the 70's hippy counter-culture emerged which looked towards eastern religions. Ethnic garments became popular and were worn, amid the widespread media attention, by The beatles during their stay at an Ashram in India.

The Countess of Snowdon & french actress Brigitte Bardot

1; Luxurious  Indian sari sink
2: Vogue Cover