29 Aug 2014


Originally, models were pretty girls used to show clothes, and not generally known or promoted by name. The swedish model Lisa Fonssagrives, who rose to fame in the 1940s, changed all this. she was a modest girl which the highest wave of her era and appeared on more than 200 cover magazines.

Other regard 1960s model Lesley Hornby -better known as Twiggy on account of her diminutive stature- as the first supermodel. She became a prominent british teenage model of the swinging sixties London.

During the 1970s, the American models were the big star, and their modelling careers often led them into acting roles. Lauren Hutton negotiated a vast contract with the cosmetics company Revlon - the most lucrative secured by a model at the time- paving the way for future contracts in the industry. 

In the 80s, with the increase of fashion and fragance advertising on television and large billboards, the public simply could not miss the airbrushed faces of the supermodels. 

However, the true decade of the supermodels was the 1990s. 
models as Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, ect, became household names. They Comanded  vast fees, signed contracts with cosmetics giants, frequented chat shows and were routinely mentioned in gissips colums - just like the movie stars. 

Now, however, the true age of supermodels has passed. Actresses are likely to be used for brand endorsement, specially for cosmetics companies, and a few models today are household names.

Actresses covering fashion magazines, Jennifer Lawrence.

one of the most prevail models of the world, Kate Moss

the French actress Marion Cotillard was the face for a french brand, Dior.