18 Apr 2014

Kelly Bag 1950's: one name, a single desire

The classic Hermès travel bag, known as the sac haut à courroies ( tall bag with straps), fist appeared in 1930. However, it was not until American film star Grace Kelly was photographed carrying black crocodile version of the bag in 1950's that it became known as the "Kelly" bag in her honour, and was a much sought-after accessory.

Each bag is handmade from start to finish over a period of eighteen hours and the task is undertaken by a single craftsperson, whose name is embossed inside the bag, together with the name.

The skins for each bag are selected according to personal requirements and arrive at the atelier in hand-cut pieces. The lining, which is made from goatskin, is constracted first, and the base of the bag is then hand-stitched to the front and the back. Each bag necessitated more than 2,600 stitches, all of which require that the skin is first perforated with an awl, a traditional artisant's tool.

the grain and density of the leather dictate the size of the stitch. The bag is then ironed to get rid of the crinkles in the calfskin, and the final stage is to stamp the "Hermès Paris" name on each bag.

Celebrities with the famous bag

Catherine Zeta-Jones


Victoria Beckhan

Lara Stone

Julia Roberts