1 Feb 2014

The T-shirt in the history.

When you ask yourself what you'd rather be wearing, the first answer is a T-shirt. Simple, comfortable and always stylish. Nowadays, this garment is accepted as appropriate dress almost anytime, everywhere and we could find it for just £2 in Primark or £500 in a Versace Store.

The T-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century, through cutting the one-piece "union Suit" underwear into separate top and garment.

1913 The First T-shirt Models

White cotton, crewneck T-shirts became regulation underwear for the U.S Navy. Two decades later, at the University of Southern California, football players don similar shirts to prevent chafing from heavy shoulder pads. the tees became so fashionable that students start pilfering them for casual wear.

Printed T-shirt

The earliest printed shirt was perhaps the Air Corps Gunnery School T-shirt featured in 1942 cover of LIFE magazine and Mickey Mouse would follow suit a few years by Sam Kantor in Miami, Fl.

First Printed T-shirts / the Union-suit underwear /first Mickey printed in a T-shirt.

Hollywood in the 50's

By the mid-1950s the T-shirt had become the symbol of the new teenager and of the rock 'n' roll rebellion. Hollywood Rebel Stars, like Marlon Brandon and James Dean exuded animal magnetism when we wore a thin, white T-shirt. the T-shirt is only a thin veil, meant to cover not only his rippling physique, but also their character's bestial urges.

James Dean & Marlon Brandon in the 1950's

Concert T-shirts in 1960's 1970's and the present

Different Bands (Rock 'n' Roll, Punk, Pop, etc) adoped the T-shirt in Concerts. Another succesful bussines were (and still in use) the Concert Tours printed in T-shirts as Merchandising.   

The Ramones Concert, 1977.

I Love New York

1970's, New York gained a reputation as a tourists' nightmare-dirty, decadent and crime-ridden. To revitalize the city imagen, the Conmerce Department hired designer Milton Glaser to fashion an eye-catching logo for the city. over lunch one day, Glaser sketched "I ♥ NY" on a napkin. The logo spearheads a resurgence in New York tourism and became the most imitated T-shirtdesign in history.

American Series

in the 80's, Don Johnson sport a T-shirt as part of an ever-changin, candy-coloured wardrobe on the television series "Miami Vice". The look, replete with rolled-up jacket sleeves and slip-on sockless loafers, take off like wildfire. To this day, the combo T-shirt-and-jacket persists.

 The present

Nowadays, T-shirts are so fashionables as the first time. 

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