12 Jan 2014

A 40 years old Dress - The Wrap Dress

"All I had was an instinct that women wanted a fashion option besides hippie clothes, bell bottons and stiff pant suits that hid their femininity", in the early 1970's Diane Von Furstenberg decided to combine the two pieces into one garment: The Wrap Dress.

Diane Von Furstenberg, the designer.

The go-anywhere wrap dress rapidly became a best-seller among working women and celebrities. it featured a V-neck that was formed by tying the wide, wrap sash around the waist and the bodice was cut to fit closely to the body, with long, narrow, set-in sleeves.

The dress coult be worn in the evening with high heels and and jewellery, or under a blazer for the office. with no zip fastening, hooks and eyes or bottoms, the dress became symbolic of women's sexual liberation.

Newsweek cover 1976.

The dress was easy to to put on and equally easy to take off. The Diane Von Furstenberg Studio produced easy-to-wear cotton and rayon blend knit dresses in the designer's signature wood grain and small-scale geometric prints from 1970 to 1977, introdicing snake and leopard prints in 1974, long dresses and halter neck dresses were later added to the collection.