30 Jul 2013

Fashion Rules Exhibition. part 1

Fashion Rules, the new exhibition at Kensington Palace show off the Royal wardrobe of 3 fashionable women in different decades: HRM The Queen in the 50's, Princess Margareth in the 60's & 70's and Princess Diana in the 80's.
This is a brief tour through the history of the royal fashion.

The 50's

HRM The Queen 

The Post-war Britain, bomb damaged cities and rationed luxuries were replaced by renewed optimism, imnovative british design. 
The Coronation of the Queen Elizabeth II were a fantastic plan to broadcast worldwide to millions of viewers through an innovated stuff, "the television", a fashionable young Queen into the throne .

The London couturiers Norman Hartnell and Hardy Amies helped to create a fantastic style into the Royal monarchy.

1. Norman Hartnell, Wore opening of the New Zealand Parliament.
2. Hardy Amies, wore a Dinner at the German Ambassy in London
3. Norman Hartnell Dress, wore six week tour of Pakistan & India.

"As a rule, ladies of the royal Family wear light coloured clothes clothes because such colours are more discernible against a great crowd." Norman Hartnell
Dinner gown sink organza Dress by Hardy Amies,
 wore in the Commonwealth visit to Canada